EEL Pigtail Adapter, 15 to 30 Amp, 25' Pièce numéro P15-30-25


EEL Pigtail Adapter, 15 to 30 Amp, 25' P15-30-25

Pigtail Adapters allow you to connect from one dockside receptacle (or other power source receptacle) to one boatside inlet or equipment of dissimilar power configuration. These adapters are fully molded and equipped with The Marinco unique sealing collar and covers for use in wet locations. The EEL (Easily Engaged Lock) is a patented, industry first, jaw-clamp design providing one-handed operation and a secure waterproof seal which completely eliminates the need for a locking ring. The EEL connection is built for the harshest environments and is UL approved.

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