ELCI Breaker Housing, 30A 125V, Stainless Steel Inlet Style, OEM Part # 303SSBKRPL.OEM


ELCI Breaker Housing, 30A 125V, Stainless Steel Inlet Style, OEM 303SSBKRPL.OEM

Boat manufacturers that want to comply with ABYC standards should already be aware that potential electrical sources of ignition should not be located in certain compartments that contain gasoline machinery, gasoline tanks or potential gasoline/propane storage containers. To take the guess work out of which breaker fits your application, Marinco is pleased to offer all of our ELCI inlets with ignition protected breakers. the Marinco solution to the ABYC E-11 requirement is based on our industry-standard marine inlets. We have taken the best available technology and built it into our inlets to provide boat builders and owners with the safest, best looking and most durable solution possible. We provide two modules in addition to the standard inlet. One houses the ELCI Marine Sensing Module, the other the breaker. Unlike competing systems, our ELCI Marine sensing module has a 3/4" diameter coil that accepts up to three 6 gauge conductors. This sensing module, which also incorporates a test circuit, is compatible with 30A 125V, 50A 125V and 50A 125V/250V systems. There is a different breaker for 30A and 50 systems.

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