We expanded some of our most popular lines and added some new items.
Extension Cords   gray pigtail adapter   Intermittent Wiper
15A 12/3 Heavy-duty Extension Cords
Heavy-duty marine-grade cable with robust, fully molded ends for use in harsh environments.

Item length
151225 25 ft
151250 50 ft
  Gray Pigtail Adapters

Allows waterproof connection of inlets and cords. Adapters are fully molded with a sealing collar for use in wet locations and contain LED lights for visual power indication.

Item Type
104SPPG 15A Plug to 30A Connector
105SPPG 30A Plug to 15A Connector
  Intermittent Wiper Motor Controller
Synchronized control of single or dual speed 12V/24V wiper systems, features intuitive automotive style functionality. Easy to use with included Contura switch, and easy to install with ¼" spade connectors. IP67 potted aluminium construction for harsh environment durability.

Item Type
76090 Single Speed
76190 OEM Single Speed
76080 Dual Speed
76180 OEM Dual Speed
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Vent cap
Solar Vent Cap for Day/Night Solar Vents
Twist-in sealing cap for use when the New Day/Night Solar Vent is removed from the deck surface. Available for both vent sizes, 3" and 4".

Item Type
N20803CAP For 3" Vents
N20804CAP For 4" Vents
Trim Ring
Replacement Trim Ring for Day/Night Solar Vents
Threaded trim ring replacements for deck surface mounting or interior trim use. Available for the New 3" and 4" Day/Night Solar Vents.

Item Type
N20803RING For 3" Vents
N20804RING For 4" Vents
Spotlight   Guest Charger
IP67 LED Stainless Steel Spotlight
IP67 Stainless Spotlight features a 7", 12 LED array, and IP67 stainless construction. Creates approx. 3 times concentrated spot diameter while drawing roughly half the power of comparable halogen spotlights. Wireless communication using mounted bridge or hand held remote.

Item Type
23050A Spotlight with Remote
23051A Spotlight Only
  Guest ChargePro™ On-Board Battery Chargers
New line of Guest chargers ranging from 5 to 40 amps, with fully automatic 5-Stage performance charging for 12 volt lead acid and AGM batteries. Chargers have dedicated outputs, aluminum housings and expanded LED charge status. 100% waterproof and shock resistant for all fresh and salt water applications.

Item AMP
2708A 5A
2707A 8A
2710A 10A
2711A 10A
2713A 15A
2720A 20A
2731A 30A
2740A 40A
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