Switch, Battery 275A Motorized CZone Optimised - Wago Plug Bulk Pièce numéro 701-MDCZ-B


Switch, Battery 275A Motorized CZone Optimised - Wago Plug Bulk 701-MDCZ-B

Optimised for use with, or alongside CZone digital switching systems, the 701-MDCZ is a further development of our proven 701-MD motorized remote battery switches.

  • Simplifies and speeds CZone installations. Positive activation allows direct wiring from CZone output modules instead of wiring a relay to convert to negative activation.
  • Allows multiple remote switches to be connected to the same battery switch by using momentary positive remote activation e.g. connecting a wireless remote control, plus a switch on the dashboard
  • Red wire output can directly drive a piezo buzzer, so "ON" (2 chirps) and "OFF" (1 chirp) signals are sounded to acknowledge remote control activation
  • Provides greater fail-safe reliability as battery switch remains in the same state even if remote control power/connections are lost
  • 275A Continuous / 455A 5 minutes Intermittent / 1250A 10 seconds Cranking (cable size to achieve ratings 70mm², 2/0, smaller cable size will reduce the Amp rating)
  • Tested to UL1107 ignition protection, CE
  • Tinned copper 10mm (3/8") studs
  • Stainless steel washers/nuts
  • Fiber reinforced high temperature plastics
  • Waterproof to IP66
  • Removable knob allows isolation during servicing
  • 3 removable sideplates for protection Note: Not suitable for emergency parallel applications
  • Wago and Deutsch plug versions
  • Note: Piezo buzzers that work directly with the 701-MDCZ switches are 54-27C4/DSP (OEM: 54-27C4) 85 dB and 54-35C2/DSP (OEM: 54-35C2) 97 dB
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