CZone Powers "Super Intelligent" Sports Boat

Posted on: 5/1/2014 7:00:00 AM

The cover story of the May 2014 edition of Boating New Zealand magazine focuses on the power that CZone provides when integrated with the Dickey Custom 950 Sports Boat. In the article, beginning on page 18 of the latest edition, author Rebecca Hayter observes that:

"The Dickey Custom 950 is one smart boat. A tap on you ipad and it will set operating systems — water, fuel or power, for example — to suit your desired activity — gamefishing, cruising or even a hot shower. It will even do three at once."

"CZone, developed several years ago by BEP Marine in Auckland, features widely on high-spec'd yachts and launches; it is less common on boats under 10 metres. Briefly, CZone simplifies a boat's electronics system, minimising wiring and maintenance, and allowing all systems to be integrated and displayed on-screen."

"The Dickey takes this even further with onboard wi-fi from Mastervolt and the newly developed CZone App. The owner can select operating modes from an ipad anywhere on the boat or from the helmstation. Soon, it will be iphone-capable as well."

Please visit the Boating New Zealand website to read more about how CZone is empowering the new generation of smart boats.

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